is an easy to use Java GUI, graphical user interface, frontend DML, data manipulation language, tool for the Apache Derby, H2, HSQL, Microsoft SQL, MSAccess, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, & SQLite databases. A query tool allows the building & executing of complex SQL statements. Easy data sorting & searching, import/export either in CSV, comma separated values, or DDL, data definition language. A plug-in framework has allowed the inclusion of tools to profile and plot data for analysis.


    The MyJSQLView application is the result of a condensed version of a larger project that was needed to allow users access to an inventory database. The project from its inception has been and will continue to be a tool that allows users access to database data. An effort was made to try and make the user interface as simple as possible to understand and use. The name of the project comes from the concept of 'My Java SQL View'. The view being the key. The interface provides the user with a standard type of spreadsheet perspective with obvious controls to sort, search, page, view, add, edit, or delete table data. One does not need to know any SQL, structure query language, to use MyJSQLView. Even though the user interface is relatively simple, it does provide some powerful features such as a plugin module environment, query tool, import/export of data and an advanced sort/search. The tool as of v3.31 provides the basics for those that wish to manage databases, but its purpose is more than this. The tool is ideal for small businesses, scientific communities, government entities, or educational institutions that wish access to database data or a foundation base tool for creating custom plugin modules that is a free open source architecture. The project has begun to embark on creating report, data mining, and business intelligence modules for future releases. Custom data analysis modules may also be produced by contract if so desired for your specific needs.